Clocking In Machines Reduce Company Costs

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In our modern world, tracking, monitoring and checking-up on staff is not only difficult but can be a costly thing to do. With many companies being split across different sites and areas of a building, making sure those employees are doing their job, or have turned up for work, is not only tricky to do but it’s very time-consuming.

That’s why our ClockReports range of clocking-in machines are been used to keep tabs on staff, know when they entered and left work and to ensure that productivity is kept at its highest.

Employing a time management and attendance system is an easier, more efficient, quicker and more accurate way of determining who is in work, who is logging-in at the correct times of day and what time they leave work.
In order to slice the costs of a supervisor tracking employee movements, clocking-in machines do it all automatically and in many different ways, Our Time Clocks help enhance and improve productivity.
If an employee knows that at the end of the week, if they have taken 5-10 minutes extra for their breaks and lunch-times, and their wages could be effected, then they will make double-sure they are in work on time and stay until the very end!

There are only two aspects that need to be determined before choosing your perfect clocking-in machine, and that is the type of technology required and size of your workforce.

Many smaller companies still use a manual punch clock-card /paper system where the employee punches their time on their paper card when entering and leaving the building.
The problem with such systems is their poor reliability and open to abuse, they simply don't stop someone else punching a buddies card for them!
Then at the end of the week the poor supervisor has to manually verify and add up individuals times, a painful and long time wasting process.

Thanks to our new ClockReports systems the pain, punishing manual time consuming aspects of managing staff are a thing of the past.

Our time clocks are very easy to use and employees don’t need to learn any special software or any in depth training on how to use them, simply scan your finger or face is all that is required.

Our Clocking-in machines are also easy to install and set up, and don’t require complicated software to run, our ClockReportsXE Basic Windows software requires zero configuration to run detailed reports.
We have prices to suit all budgets when it comes to time and attendance systems, starting from as little as £99, meaning there cost for smaller businesses are still justified and the benefits they bring pay for themselves in a matter of days.

Our biometric clocking in systems work incredibly well, better than many cheap and poorly made systems found elsewhere and completely eliminate buddy punching.
When you install one of our clocking in machines you will see productivity increase and possibly your wages bill decrease because your staff member now knows that abusing the system is now no longer possible. You will instantly know the amount of time they have worked, then you will also know if they aren’t sticking to their contracted hours.

Also, for small companies once the system is installed there are no updates or monthly fees needed therefore it is simply a one-off payment.

But if you do want software updates and more powerful reporting features then we offer a range of very affordable upgradeable subscription packages starting at just £24 per year!

Tracking and monitoring your staff is a great way to keep in touch of your employee’s whereabouts and it also means that they justify their pay packet at the end of the month. If there are staff members that call in sick, skip work or skim minutes off their day, then our clocking in machines will be able to highlight who, what and when these events occurred.

If you can see straight away that some members of staff aren’t pulling their weight and sticking to their contracted hours, then they can quickly be challenged with the reported evidence.

With so many other aspects of business to take care of, our automated clocking in machines are a great way to reduce the time spent, or wasted, on making sure staff are actually turning up for work and therefore are very useful tool for every business.

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